Reclaiming Ritual

So here we are, one thousand years later, shaking of the yoke of that Church and returning to our gnostic roots – (gnosis – to know) we are in turn returning to the festivals of the land celebrated by our ancestors, we are reclaiming rituals. We are healing our broken relationship with the land and for those that can hear the spiritual physicians, ritual is being prescribed.


a new spiritual tradition

The Celtic Wheel

Celtic rituals occur at turning points between heavan and earth, between the sun and the earth. Turning points are moments of intensified energy. We are earthbound solar beings. So its very important for us, to pay attention when the relationship between these two intensifies.

When the atmosphere becomes charged and it is a good time to perform ritual.

Fire, sacred stones, water, lodge, smoke, alignment, tradition, spontaneity, guidesyour text here...


Rites of Passage

The Baby Shower of Blessings. Each woman present writes her blessing for the future child on a piece of paper and gives it to the mother. Embodying the ancestral line of the incoming soul, we stood in a line, a hand on the shoulder of the woman in front, in sacred circle we transmitted the blessings and healings of the ancestor to the mother and her unborn child.